MainNet Parameters github

Chain parameters

Parameter Value Description
GenesisBlock 0 First block of the chain
PremineBlock 1 Premine Block of the chain
PowLimitBits 541065215 bits Highest allowed proof of work value for a block in compact form
ReduceMinDifficulty false Whether the network should reduce the minimum required difficulty after a long enough period of time has passed without finding a block
MinDiffReductionTime 0s Amount of time after which the minimum required difficulty should be reduced when a block hasn't been found
GenerateSupported false Whether or not CPU mining is allowed
MaxTxSize 393216 bytes Largest allowable transaction size
WorkDiffAlpha 1 Stake difficulty EMA calculation alpha (smoothing) value
WorkDiffWindowSize 144 blocks Number of windows (intervals) used for calculation of the exponentially weighted average
WorkDiffWindows 20 Number of windows (intervals) used for calculation of the exponentially weighted average
TargetTimespan 6 hrs 0 min 0 sec Amount of time that should elapse before the block difficulty requirement is examined to determine how it should be changed in order to maintain the desired block generation rate
TargetTimePerBlock 2 min 30 sec The desired amount of time to generate each block
RetargetAdjustmentFactor 4 Adjustment factor used to limit the minimum and maximum amount of adjustment that can occur between difficulty retargets
AcceptNonStdTxs false Mempool param to either accept and relay non standard txs to the network or reject them

Subsidy parameters

Parameter Value Description
BaseSubsidy 38.00000000 EXCC Starting subsidy amount for mined blocks
MulSubsidy 100000 Subsidy reduction multiplier
DivSubsidy 103183 Subsidy reduction divisor
SubsidyReductionInterval 16128 blocks Reduction interval in blocks
WorkRewardProportion 70% Comparative amount of the subsidy given for creating a block
StakeRewardProportion 30% Comparative amount of the subsidy given for casting stake votes (collectively, per block)

Stake parameters

Parameter Value Description
MinimumStakeDiff 2.00000000 EXCC Minimum amount of Atoms required to purchase a stake ticket
TicketPoolSize 8192 (40960 actual) Target size of ticket pool
TicketsPerBlock 5 Average number of tickets per block for ExchangeCoin PoS
TicketMaturity 256 blocks Number of blocks for tickets to mature
TicketExpiry 40960 blocks Number of blocks for tickets to expire after they have matured
CoinbaseMaturity 256 blocks Number of blocks required before newly mined coins (coinbase transactions) can be spent
SStxChangeMaturity 1 blocks Maturity for spending SStx change outputs
TicketPoolSizeWeight 4 Multiplicative weight applied to the ticket pool size difference between a window period and its target when determining the stake system
StakeDiffAlpha 1 stake difficulty EMA calculation alpha (smoothing) value
StakeDiffWindowSize 144 blocks Number of blocks used for each interval in exponentially weighted average
StakeDiffWindows 20 windows Number of windows (intervals) used for calculation of the exponentially weighted average
StakeVersionInterval 2016 blocks Interval where the stake version is calculated
MaxFreshStakePerBlock 20 tickets Maximum number of new tickets that may be submitted per block
StakeEnabledHeight 512 Height in which the first ticket could possibly mature
StakeValidationHeight 768 Height at which votes (SSGen) are required to add a new block to the top of the blockchain
StakeBaseSigScript 0000 Consensus stakebase signature script for all votes on the network
StakeMajorityMultiplier 3 Calculate the super majority of stake votes using integer math
StakeMajorityDivisor 4 Calculate the super majority of stake votes using integer math

Rule change parameters

Parameter Value Description
RuleChangeActivationQuorum 4032 Number of votes required for a vote to take effect
RuleChangeActivationMultiplier 3
RuleChangeActivationDivisor 4
RuleChangeActivationInterval 8064 blocks Number of blocks in each threshold state retarget window
BlockEnforceNumRequired 750 blocks Enforce current block version once network has upgraded
BlockRejectNumRequired 950 blocks Reject previous block versions once network has upgraded
BlockUpgradeNumToCheck 1000 blocks The number of nodes to check

Address parameters

Address Preffix Description
NetworkAddressPrefix 2 First letter of the network for any given address encoded as a string
PubKeyAddrID 2s P2PK address
PubKeyHashAddrID 22 P2PKH address prefix
PKHEdwardsAddrID 2e Edwards P2PKH address prefix
PKHSchnorrAddrID 2S secp256k1 Schnorr P2PKH address prefix
ScriptHashAddrID 2c P2SH address prefix
PrivateKeyID 5 or K WIF private key prefix (uncompressed or compressed)
HDPrivateKeyID xprv HD extended private key prefix
HDPublicKeyID xpub HD extended public key prefix